Take a break, breathe it in

I have been saddened recently by how fast things are going by. Life is a blur most days. My bedroom is constantly trashed. I have a to-do list half a mile long and an even longer list of the things I should be doing more of. Like writing. Hi friends!

It has been awhile. I just don’t have time to do this site justice but I wanted to pop in and tell you to take a break.

Breathe it in. Soak it up.

Live. Breathe.

Remember that you are a human person. Not a machine. You cannot always be working. Take time for what matters. Even if it is five minutes in the kitchen drinking coffee and doing nothing.

Practice mindfulness. Notice the breeze around you while you walk to class. Appreciate being alive.

Yesterday I shared three things on instagram I am grateful for. It took me five minutes to write the post. Other people jumped in and shared and it was beautiful.

Gratitude changes things. Remember what is important. You are important. Take care of yourself. People are important. People are always first and put yourself first. You deserve it.

So take a break. Breathe it in. Be mindful if just for a moment.



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