The secret to doing it all

I try to do it all. I have for years. Summer classes and working 80 hour weeks. Honestly that one didn’t work out but summer classes and forty to fifty hour work weeks with lots of trips to Dunkin did. I am a work in progress. Even now, especially now as I try to manage full time work hours, full time classes and prepping for the GRE. As well as trying to be healthy and maintain even a small semblance of a social life.

This all takes a lot of time as well as logistical work to fit it all in. But what works is this, “think outside the box.”

By that I mean be flexible and creative. Ever started making dinner at 2 a.m? I did. I was up unable to sleep so I started a crock pot dinner. I study GRE flashcards on the go and whenever I have a spare moment. I have a app on my phone for it. Same goes for writing. These days most blog posts are written in the margins and moments of my day using my phone.

I might wake up and start cooking or studying. Things are flexible and I have to be creative in figuring out how to do it all. For instance I get most of my exercise working on a grassroots campaign and walking door to door. This makes the time I spend working on that more efficient. Just as I watch my favorite shows when I wash the dishes. It’s all about being creative in your pursuit of your goals.

Do you have any great tips on how to do it all?


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