It’s priorities not time

I used to think that the reason I did not do things that I wanted to was that I did not have enough time.

I am just so busy. I never have time.

I had time over break however, I had time last semester and you know what? I still did not get those things done or even do them.

Thus my problem is not time… it is priorities.

Priorities is the reason I do not pray everyday or workout or even craft.

It’s odd because I still find myself falling into this trap. Thinking if only I had time to craft or take photos. Then I remember I somehow managed to watch 6 episodes of a show on netflix last week (I was sick) but still.

It is all about the priorities which means that my priorities need to change. Not that I need to stop watching TV totally but since my goal in life is not necessarily to become proficient in all of netflix that priority needs to change.

However it is my choice,  I am in control; with that in mind I have a few priorities to go change.


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