it’s like all the movies

I had that moment the other day. I was in the Kohl’s shopping and a really catchy song came on and I started dancing and then started running around grabbing things being goofy and having the time of my life.

I feel like it is a scene in so many movies. Go to the store and then the magic and fun happens.

Which is nothing whatever like what happens when I go to the store.

When I go to the store, I gaze longingly at the ice-cream, and then think about the things I want to buy but cannot because of my strict budget.

Real life is not like the movies most days.

Real life is much more mundane. Yet movies tell stories and often the truth is weaved in.

I was thinking of another typical romance scene in a movie. Guy and girl have a fight and we think they have broken up for good and it is awful. Then the guy comes back apologizes and says ” I chose you.”

Which really is all that any of us want. We want to be chosen, again and again day in and out. We  don’t need perfect in our relationships, we don’t even need the perfect movie moments but we do need to be chosen.

Being chosen means that someone is willing to do the work. This is true for any relationship be it with your best gal pal, your boyfriend or even your Dad.

We just need to be chosen and willing to do the work.  Day in and day out. Not just in that one movie moment. The reality of that moment is the daily choice carried out hundreds, even thousands of times. A million small moments are more meaningful than the one movie moment in the end.

A million moments of I choose you, are always better than one. Which means that sometimes real life is better than all the movies.


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