August, a disappearing act

Some times I feel like I have been away from this online space for a bit. I don’t like that feeling at all. I start to miss this place like crazy.

However, I will share with you all the emotions, feels and experiences of what I have been up to. Kind of like a coffee catch up date with your friends after a crazy couple of months.

July 31 I finished my summer job in Ohio and drove home! I collapsed sometime early to wake up the next morning to go to North Carolina to pick up my siblings. Keep in mind I had worked an 80 hour week the week before as well as packed up and moved. No big deal.

To say that I felt overwhelmed would be an understatement.

I then hung out with a friend, took people to the airport and started painting my house. Obviously in the span of a few days. I painted a closet, the ceiling of my room and the bathroom. I started re-designing my living room and choosing new furniture. I spray painted things and I whitewashed my fireplace. I also chauffeured kids many places. I helped my Mom and I pulled weeds.

I did like a million things and I was exhausted. I had enough sleep but I was go go go as usual.  I was not taking time for leisure.

In case you are wondering, my life is basically a lesson in what not to do. 

I went on a intensive dress shopping hunt. I shopped for school things. Shopping drains me so much.

In a attempt to rest however I read a book, I took walks with the kids, I cuddled with my cats. I went to the beach and I spent a day in D.C. It was all very good.

I didn’t write about it or blog about it (yet) I just experienced it. I went from being stretched thin to feeling rejuvenated all in a short amount of time. I have been trying to pay attention to what rejuvenates me. Reading. Long country drives. Country music. The mountains. The ocean. Kids. Traveling.

Traveling to the mountains does something for me I can not even explain. It is my senior year of college. I have a lot to do, that’s not negotiable; nor do I want it to be. Still I have to plan, take time and look at what I can do to rejuvenate even in the midst of all this crazy and busy.

Thus I have fall plans like Apple picking and taking the GRE (ha not restful) as well as hiking.

It’s going to be a good year.

What rejuvenates you?




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