Rethinking exercise

I took an evening walk a few days ago. I used to take walks all the time growing up and I didn’t realize just how good they are.

I felt reflective, thoughtful and rejuvenated.

The reason I took a walk is that I am trying to get my step count up for each day as part of a healthy lifestyle. On my walk I realized that I need to rethink exercise.

I read a blog where the author said that she worked out for creativity and ideas. For the pure joy of it and because it made her a better writer.

Exercise is good for us. It makes us smarter, more alert. Sharper, we do better academically when we workout so I have no doubt that holds true in other jobs. Don’t think of working out as competing with your time to get things done or to do well in school. Rather see it as something that makes you better at the rest of your life as well as making you less stressed and happier because; endorphins.

Also I cannot resist my favorite line from legally blonde “and exercise releases endorphins and  endorphins make you happy and happy people just don’t kill their husbands.”


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