Blink: trusting your gut


I have a continuing education goal that includes reading every single day. Now that summer classes are over! Whoo Hoo! I have had time to read and it has been great.

I had heard of this book before but never read it so when I found it on the bookshelf of our vacation rental I snatched it off and dove right in.

Sometimes I read the right book at the perfect time for me and I felt like this book really showed up just when I needed it. We all make decisions every single day. This book is about decisions, about snap judgements about thin-slicing. Mostly though I think it is about trusting your gut.

Trust your gut instinct. Deep down we know what our gut instinct is but we often fail to listen to it. We allow other people to drown us out. Sometimes even to the point of listening to other people and not ourselves. That is a mistake.We need to listen to our own intuition. More often than not it’s right. Malcolm gives many historical examples of when great leaders trusted their instincts and it made all the difference.

Even in non-personal matters an expert develops instincts about what to do. It could be a fake statue or a mock war. Often what is so fascinating about this is that the reasoning behind these choices does not really hold up. The unconscious mind knows what to do before the person can even say why.

This was a fascinating as well as interesting read. I highly recommend it!

Do you have any really interesting reads to share?



  1. Love that book. And I so relate to reading books at just the time when I need to. I love it when that happens. This book also helped me to trust my instincts more. I’ve been learning the more I live that my instincts show me what I really want and are good for me.

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