Pause. Acknowledge.

Some weeks it feels like the theme is massacre and suffering. Pain and sadness. It feels wrong not to at least acknowledge it. At least for me. 

I woke up this morning on vacation. A beautiful mountain retreat with my family. I went on Instagram and saw a mention of Nice. I couldn’t even look. I didn’t even want to know. 

Later while driving by myself through the most incredible mountain backdrop I was flipping through radio stations.

I heard what happened and I was physically sickened. By the world in which we live that one person could do that to another. To do to so many others. I am still in shock. 

I have spent most of this summer off Facebook where I used to hear all the news. It had become too much and I couldn’t handle it. Ironic then, that the news still got to me. Today I am begging for less. Less noise. I want less of the chatter of the media. More time to at least pause and acknowledge, take a moment to mourn. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen but we can prevent it from having the last word. 

I want to step back so I can cherish the people I have. To take a moment to know what matters. Perspective is a frightful thing, it forces you to see what really matters and it never fails to make me realize what little does. People. Love the ones close to you. Let this tragedy change you. Make you kinder, more willingt to love those around you. 


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