Greune, TX round two

Day nine! This was such a fun day. We started out by heading to grab to go breakfast tacos. I think I ate a taco every single day I was there. (So delicious.) I also had sweet tea all the time and I miss that a lot! They don’t make good sweet tea in the north.

Then we headed to Church because we were having a puppy play date. So many darling dogs. It was hilarious. There were a million things going on in the church office (like always) and these dogs were just goofing off and running all over. It was hilarious. Besides they were so cute!

Then we headed out to hit up Greune. We had stopped there before but I had really liked it and so I wanted to go back for longer. I am so grateful we did.

We stopped at Buccee’s on the way there. We looked at everything and I almost bought a shirt. It’s the biggest gas station ever. I got some coffee to go and it was incredible. I don’t know how or why but I still miss that coffee. It was soo good.

Then we continued on to Greune. Seriously go there. It is the cutest small town. It definitely looks like it is from one hundred years ago and it was a little touristy but it had a very down home feel. We looked at the Guadalupe river. We went to the GristMill for lunch. Go there and eat outside. The food was not incredible or anything but I loved the ambiance. It was beautiful and perfect.


This place is kind of tucked away by itself. It’s seriously the best place to go wine tasting though. We went twice. I think it has ruined me for the wine I can actually afford.


Greune Hall is where George Strait got his start. I hadn’t even heard of him previously but after a week in Texas and traveling country roads. I am a huge fan.

We then left Greune and headed back to the house to prepare for family photos which I took. We were running out of light which was a problem.


It was a wonderful last day.


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