Me time

I am bad at self care. I also think it is one of the main reasons we have depression and mental illness in our society. We are bad at taking care of ourselves and I know this.

I know it well and yet in my focus to be good at school, work and not being a slob I forget.

I forget that self care matters.

Today I felt flustered and anxious.

I looked in the mirror and realized that I needed a shower. I thought about how I feel and I realized I need an episode of Friends.

I need to watch more television. Call me crazy or insane but I need to rest more. Not physical sleep rest (at least not right now) but more mind breaks.

Time to do what I love and to rejuvenate.

I need me time and ultimately that is going to make me a better person.

Treat yourself, pamper yourself. You are worth it.



Yes I drink juice with a straw because for some weird reason I love it and it makes me happy so I drink it. I am also contemplating importing buckets of sweet tea so there is that…



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