Productive procrastination

time hacks

I wrote before about the (gasp) benefits of procrastination.

Now I want to talk about how sometimes putting important things off until later can be beneficial for other things. Here is the key in all of this however, know thyself.

I get things done on time, not always early but on time. Sometimes I do less important things first and it helps me accomplish more in the long term.

The way it works is that sometimes having a ton of time to do something is not beneficial. To counteract this if I have more time to do something I will work on less important things.

I know myself and I know that I will still meet my deadlines even if I put a task off a little bit. This way however, I accomplish more in the meantime instead of spending tons of time dealing over one task. I call it productive procrastination because I am doing something else I need to do like blogging.

It’s a simple time hack and it works for me.

Do you have any unusual time hacks to share?



  1. Thanks for sharing! For me the opposite works. If I have something large and important to do I try to start it as soon as I can. At least make the first steps. If I put it away procrastination goes full power and the project won’t be done for a long time. It helps also to know the nature of procrastination. Check this article on the biological origins of procrastination.


    • That’s part of how it works. Starting something and then taking a break. I think it depends on what it is as well because if it is something I really want to do I have to get it done as soon as possible or else like you I will put it off forever.


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