Do something for you.

There always seems to be the next thing that you need to do.

This morning as I sat for my usual weekly planning session of what needs to be done I was instantly overwhelmed.

I had even forgotten to turn in an assignment in which is totally unlike me. I was overwhelmed by assignments that needed to be done, a messy kitchen with a dish rack so gross I feared I would puke at the sight.

My weekend had gone nothing like I expected and I was still reeling from that as it was supposed to be a big weekend that I had been planning for months. Instead I found myself huddled on my bed hugging a bucket and heaving into it for two days straight. Suffice to say I got nothing done.

Still as I sat there I realized that all I really needed to do was make a cup of coffee. I simply needed to do the next thing.

So I did. Then I rolled up my sleeves and somehow managed to clean all the dishes and eventually worked on all the things I needed to do.

It was not until later that day, until late into the evening. When my thought once again turns into how much can I possibly get done before bed? And how to schedule the hours between 9 and midnight, when I realized I needed to do something for me.

I get caught up in the next thing, without doing something for me. Without spending a few moments writing or reading or journaling.

Thus this is a reminder for you today.

Do something for you.

Even when nothing else goes write and you are tired.

Do something for you.

for you

It does not have to be fancy. In fact the more simple the better but do something for yourself, today.




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