TX, Day 8 I meet my Godmother

If you are not Catholic and you don’t know what a Godmother is, this is basically someone who is supposed to aid your parents in raising you in the faith. As well as pray for you daily. I had never before really met my Godmother (except as a baby) so I really wanted too. Besides I pretty much credit how I have survived the rough parts of my life to mine because she has prayed for me everyday for 21 years.

I had a leisurely Thursday morning. I think I just hung out and helped my friend clean her car. I was pretty beat so I needed that downtime. Never underestimate the extra exhaustion that comes from breaking a bone!

Around noon or so my Godmother and her husband my Godfather, picked me up. They were absolutely delightful! Really fantastic. So kind and easy to talk too. They took me to a Mexican restaurant. Where we ordered Margarita’s and they told me the story of how they fell in love. We talked about family and we took a selfie together! I love selfies so the fact that my Godmother suggested one made me so incredibly happy. It just connected us somehow.

Then we went the shrine of St. Therese of the Little Flower. It was really beautiful and so cool to look around and see. We saw an original photo of Therese as painted her her sister. It was so big! I have no clue how it ended up in Texas but they do say things are bigger in Texas.


We spent some time praying in a chapel there.

Then we went all the way across town to where I was baptized.

I could literally imagine my Mom wrangling me (and my siblings) as small kids there. There was something about it. A special feeling and I really enjoyed visiting.

Then we stopped by my old house (and took a photo in front). Then we headed back and they dropped me off.

It was fantastic to meet someone who met you as a baby and has been thinking about you ever since. This was one of the best parts of my trip because I have always wanted to meet my Godmother and I was able to. It was fantastic for her as well because when I was 2 years old and we moved she never thought she would see me again. Plus I got some great stories about my parents and what they were like 20 years ago.




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