Links and notes vol. 12


I love Huffington post but for some reason I feel like there is too much on there to navigate and find the good stuff. Hence when I find something good I must share it. How I slowed my family down. This schedule or really lack thereof really sounds like a dream.

I have a time management obsession/fascination. Finding time.

I am trying this out. How to memorize. I don’t care as much about the time component as I do about actually being able to memorize many things. Also lifehack is cool and I could totally become very sucked into it.

This song Some blogger mentioned it. I listened to it and amazing. I love them. Instant obsession. Also their music videos. Oh my gosh so good.

There are certain blogs I am obsessed with and one of these is the Lazy Genius.  If you are not a subscriber yet you should be. Because no one is shiny. I would like to print this post and tape it to my wall.

Secondly the Muse. Great for everyday living advice and productivity. They send weekly or biweekly emails on tools and advice. Productivity articles.

Have a fantastic weekend. May the coffee always be plentiful.




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