I am busy this summer. Taking classes, studying and working is no joke. I work during school during the school year but the classes are less condensed so maybe that is why it seems easier. Who knows. I have however written blog posts on my phone while using the bathroom so I am no stranger to busy-ness.

I wrote about this how I love being distracted (more like I am obsessed with it). I knew I needed more time and that I had it. I just didn’t know where.

Social media.

I was checking it first thing in the morning, in the between moments. Watching television while washing dishes and then finishing an episode.

It all added up.

I decided I was done distracting myself. I got rid of facebook. Deleted the instagram and netflix app of my phone and decided to no longer use those things to distract me. Plus they were mini time sucks but they occurred a lot. [Update I put netflix back on my phone because if I have to wash dishes I might as well watch a show.]

The first 24 hours, I found myself wanting to go on facebook like  a million times. I kept thinking I must be missing so many things.

The number of times I thought about it is frankly embarrassing.

I woke in the morning and my first thought was to check instagram. (Ouch.)

Almost immediately I became more productive. I  moved into my bedroom. I realized I could read books again. I called my Mom. I realized I could totally write everyday (I had at least been spending that much time scrolling social media with no long term results.)

The number of times I wanted to go back to in the first week was literally insane. I think about it way too much. Oddly enough I miss facebook more than instagram.

Other than the fact that so often I wanted to take photos of my food or other things. Taking photos of random things and not sharing them did not have much point however. Besides spending five minutes of your one wild and precious life on taking photos of your morning eggs is basically pointless.

I went shopping with my roommate. I got numerous small things on my to-do lists accomplished. I washed more dishes. It’s hard. FOMO [Fear of missing out] is real.

Part of my feels like I need facebook for work (some scheduling etc.) but there has always been a reason to keep it and I desperately need to be unplugged. Also those annoying people on social media are now totally gone out of my life.

There’s a freedom in no longer being “connected” on social media. A strange but liberating freedom. The plan is to stay unplugged for a month. (Things like blogging don’t count because those are things I am always meaning to do more of and not less.)

I didn’t give up reading blogs either. (Baby steps.)

I will try to document my social media detox. Because honestly I had no idea I was so addicted.


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