the busy season


I am in a very busy season of my life right now. Summer is supposed to be all relaxing and the beach. Only this does not happen when you are taking a summer class or rather two as is my case.

Two summer classes.

Anatomy and physiology to be exact and definitely not an easy breezy class by any means. I am also not super biology minded. Needless to say this is a challenge for me.

Not to mention, each class day we cover a weeks worth of material and then do a lab. All in all it’s five hours in class monday through friday and studying cramming all the other waking moments. Each week we have an exam. (so fun)

However I have a pet peeve of people just stopping blogging altogether and leaving you hanging.

I have an overactive imagination and I start thinking maybe something bad happened. Naturally the idea that they had to live their life never occurs in these thought processes.

I don’t know what the summer has in store for me. Clearly not a lot of time to blog (maybe not any.)

I do know that when I can’t blog my fingers itch for it. I miss it like crazy so I will miss all of you who read it as well.

My posts will most likely be sporadic but summer is a time to be spontaneous. Right?

In the meantime I will be learning about codons, and skinning cats and consuming copious amounts of coffee. It’s the busy season.


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