HGTV and self care


Totally an un-sponsored post. Disclaimer. 

I have written a ton about self-care lately. I think because I have really been striving to instill it in my life. About a week ago, I had a bad symptom of a panic attack. It caught me totally off guard.

I had thought I had been doing so well. Then I realized though that I had been spending all my free time watching tv, I was drained, exhausted and just barely making it.

Yet all along I thought I was doing so well.

Sometimes I put limits on how much rest or care that I need. I think I got 8 hours of sleep that is enough. However when you have a ton of things going on and you are stressed you often need more rest.

I also fail to pick up on my own cues. I had been dealing with migraines, excessive tiredness etc, all indicating high levels of stress and I was oblivious.

Take care of yourself. Don’t put limits. When things are hard, make time to do what you love. Make it work.

I have so many things to do, including packing up like everything I own, moving it and cleaning. This is where HGTV comes in. I will have it on in the background while I get all of this done. I have an absurd love for HGTV. It makes me happy. It’s fascinating and fun to watch.

There is no shame in tacking care of you. If you need me I will be packing and watching 12 episodes of Fixer Upper.



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