I didn’t get a lot done

Do you ever tell yourself you did not get a lot of things done? Your to-do list is long and somehow in a day you failed to finish it.

I decided to look at what not a lot looks like based on an ordinary Saturday.

Woke up around 7. Made breakfast and coffee. Started to work on a homework assignment. When I became extremely nauseated, turns out I have a bad reaction to antibiotics. I turn on The Office, while I wait for it to pass.

It does and I start reading my textbook. I work on a two page reflection paper and submit it. I make changes to a powerpoint and then submit that as well. Then I concurrently clean the kitchen and cook dinner/lunch.

Then I apply for a program to spend two weeks in Poland, while eating lunch. I read my textbook, it’s a long chapter and realized I am exhausted. I am still getting over a bad cold so I decide to take a nap. First though I listen to TED talks as part of my plan to always be learning.

I wake up and a friend I have not seen or talked to in 6 months calls me. We chat then I have to run to an hour long thing I am required to be at.

I also need to make a scrapbook for this group I am in, as well. I eat dinner at the same time, listen to more TED talks and work on it for three hours. I also clean the kitchen again and bleach things.

I then delve into cleaning and organizing my room in preparation for moving in two weeks. I also start to make T-shirt yarn for an upcoming project.

I then work on some blogging things, do graphic design, proof and write posts until midnight. At which point I decide to go to bed and think I got nothing done.

It turns out nothing is relative. I didn’t get everything on my to do list done but I accomplished so much. Not bad for a lazy Saturday.

The moral of the story, look at what you did, not what you didn’t.

Look at what you did, not what you did not.


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