Links & Notes vol. 11


A post about love called In-case of non-emergency

We all have those fears. Dear Girl who thinks she is not enough.

As a student whose life is often chaotic and a schedule that is always changing. Trying to become a writer is tough. Thus How to get into a Rhythm of work if you can’t stick to a schedule.

Wow. This is one of the most insightful, beautiful things you can ever read. An Open Letter from a therapist to his clients..

I am an extrovert HSP which makes me basically a contradiction. 12 things a highly sensitive person needs.

It does take a village but we don’t have those in america. Consequently Individualism is destroying our families.

Laura Vandenkamp is like the time guro. She is incredible. Here she writes How to write a book in three months while living your normal life.

Now I am off to go write a book while living my normal life. I wish..but academics gets in the way of those ambitions at the moment. Maybe later, it will happen.

Have a fun weekend!



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