Do the things

Do the things

Do the things.

I was looking at the contents of a box. A box of items that I was supposed to do something with. Clothes I was supposed to fit into soon, notebooks to write in, things that are what I am not.

They are part of my goals,my dreams. Part of who I wish to be. I wish to be a lot of things, tidy, fit,adventurous. I have many goals.

Some of these are just like the contents of that box, forgotten or worse regrets of what I am not.

I read a book in high school called Do Hard things. That book inspired me, to be the person I need to be. To do the things that will make me a better person.

Think about who you are and take a long hard look at who you want to be. It doesn’t mean that where you are now is awful, it just means there is room for progress.

Do something to succeed in that goal. Read Dostoevsky’s book, Crime and Punishment. The sheer thickness of the book, the heaviness of the subject matter will make you think. I read the book last year and thought it was ghastly but I learned from it.

Running a marathon or climbing a mountain are also hard but you will learn.

Just start. Even a small start, especially a small sustainable start will make a difference. Today I listened to TED talks and I decided to work on reading all of the half finished books on my nightstand. It is a small start but through it I will become a better person.


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