Just don’t do things you hate

I recently quit a job. I job I hated. I was not good at it. I dreaded each day of work.

Yet I found myself having to choose to quit or not and needing a reason. A principle by which to make my decision.

I was wondering would I do recommend this to others? Is this OK? Especially as I like to follow through which made the fact I was even considering this all the more meaningful.

As I was contemplating all of this I found my principle.

Don’t do things you hate.

Just don't do the things you hate.

Don’t do the things that suck the  life out of you.

Obviously there are things you have to do no matter what or things you do for a short time.

But do not put yourself in a situation that you hate and then stay there.

If I were a quitter and had issues with follow through this would be different. That is not the case however. I have had dozens of jobs all of which I have love. Sometimes you just need to accept that something is not for you.

Life is a gift so cherish it, not spend it doing things that do not make you happy.

Remember you only have one wild and precious life to live.



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