Links & Notes vol. 9


Have you heard of An article club? I think that would be so fun. Part of me really wants to start one.

Speaking of articles. This might be one of the best I have ever read. It seriously comforts me everyday. Why not cleaning can be the key to having it all.

Sometimes I buy free e books on amazon. They are rarely good but sometimes I hit upon a good one. I got a smartphone a few weeks ago so I have been reading these books on my phone. Thus  I was happy to learn Reading, even fiction is good for you. One of these days I will share a list of good books.

Blair is awesome and so honest. You need to take a break.

Seasons of life vary. It isn’t climbing season or maybe it is for you but only you can know.

With all of us who struggle with body image. Let us all get this right. Skinny is not a compliment.

Creative. Innovative. Insightful. Honest. All things found on this blog and this post is no different. Re imagining our relationship with work.

Always honest. When a blog turns 5.

Have a relaxing weekend.



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