What I long to write

What I long to write

What I really long to write is a book about sand and the sea. A book about love along with plenty of sweet tea; a book set in the south.

A romance novel set in the south preferably at a beach town.  There is something about that.

Today. Today the sun was shining. I was reading a book with the windows open, while eating ice-cream from a carton. It was the most perfect afternoon and I was thinking about that book I want to write. I could feel it. I could almost taste it.

Who knows how or why those are the kind of books I really want to write. Maybe because  I love those kinds. I love, love and how it transports you beyond time. Maybe southern beach towns are the wind on which these love stories must fly. I don’t really know. But this, this is the kind of book I long to write. When I know who I am; these stories, make me feel alive and all a-flutter all at the same time. Kinda like love.

I don’t know what I am waiting for to write this story. The idea has come oddly enough while I was in north carolina. Now it is sitting inside me waiting for the right time to be birthed.

The reason it is not yet written is not about not having enough time. I had time over my last break but somehow the story was not ready. I wrote a bit of it while in an airport in chicago.

The rest of the story is to come. While I am still changing, waiting, dreaming.

While I change and grow so does the story and so does my ability and my skills as a writer. What does it take to become a writer?

That I don’t know. Not yet. As for what I do know, if you want to be a writer, you must write all the time. Maybe not even the story you want to tell you just have to write and write and write. Until it is such a part of you that you cannot imagine life without it. Until you cannot live without it and maybe by then you are  a writer.

Maybe when your first novel is published. I think it is when you write something that takes someone out of thier own body. Something that transports them beyond themselves and the world they live in. Then, I shall be a writer. For now I shall just write.





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