What I’m into: March Edition

What I am into March

  1. Books I am reading books again. I love books. Like insanely love them and I actually buy them all the time using thrift books and Abe Books. I will have to share my hugely varied reading list soon.
  2. Shows: I am re-watching Melissa and Joey as  well as Friends. Takeaway; I like my television light and fun.
  3. School: The latter point could be because I am doing all the studying, all the paper writing and all the working! So busy. I love it and I hate it all at the same time.
  4. Spring: I am so in love with our recent spring weather. I love it so much. I like to open all the windows while I am studying etc. and it is so perfect.
  5. Drinking: Sweet tea. It is iced tea time and I am happy. It is also iced coffee from dunkin time!.
  6. Pens: I also bought nice pens this past week and I love them so much. They have literally changed my life probably because I spend so much time writing. It makes me happy every single time I use my nice pen.
  7. Eating: Quinoa. Literally so good for you. I might even get all foodie on you and share my favorite recipes.

What are you into?



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