Links & Notes vol. 5

Happy Weekend! I love to share things that are inspiring.I believe in love always delivers on this. 5 o’clocks are meant to be shared this sharing the author describes is just beautiful.

Be Brave enough to make a mess

Faith bigger than the boxes we try to put around it.What would cool Jesus do?  This is so worth reading! Seriously read it.


I think something most people do not know about me is that I am a self avowed feminist. Something that I realized a few weeks ago my family did not know and to some part disagreed with me which is fine. Still it was a surprise and something I just really had not thought about. Then I read this piece and think it is awesome and I agree so much! Check it out.

I have been meaning to do these things for so long. I need more organization in my life! 12 things to do at the beginning of each month to reset 

Seriously these are genius.

Have a fantastic weekend! It’s almost iced coffee time.:)links




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