In defense of lazy and love


Some people like to watch television. They enjoy netflix. I am not one of these people.

I LOVE netflix, movies, tv shows the whole shebang. I will often write about my love for things like New girl, Friends, random strange movies. Princess diaries 2, Young and Hungry, Fixer Upper with the ever adorable Chip and Joanna.

Some part of me is ashamed to admit this or to tell people. I am about living a beautiful, wonderful, creative, productive life and yet I went through some serious adjustment issues when I lost netflix a few weeks ago and have been debating getting it back ever since. Yet despite that and my propensity to never watch anything illegally I have still found shows to watch.

The thing is I refuse to feel bad about this anymore. I enjoy a good tv show. There I said it, I am still dreaming about Monarch of the Glen and seriously debating buying it.

It’s not bad to enjoy the things you love. Unless of course you do nothing but watch netflix (I am looking at you last semester self).

It’s good to have things you enjoy even if part of you just thinks you enjoy a good background noise on occasion.

I guess what I am saying is indulge yourself a bit. Enjoy the things you love *in moderation*, have a weekly movie night but here is the thing that not having netflix has taught me. Cherish it. Enjoy it.

Sometimes less is more, I have found that because I do not watch tv every single day I enjoy and appreciate it more when I do.

I also spend copious amounts of time thinking about shows. I realized that I was not very dedicated to Downton at first so now I need to go back and re-watch it. I think Monarch of the Glen is absolutely delightful. Besides Julian Fellows (writer of Downton) acts in it!  I want to become/be Madame Secretary.  I think I could totally get behind Lost if I were more dedicated as well. I cried during every episode of Parenthood and also when it ended. I need the new Gilmore Girls to come out and I should probably buy them all.

If you need a mood boost laughter therapy is easily accomplished through watching a funny tv show which honestly also just reminds you to take life less seriously.

My picks for this are Fuller house (definitely on my to-watch list) Jane the Virgin, Friends, Young and hungry, Baby daddy, Last man standing, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Melissa and Joey which I totally watch over and over on freeform. I love television and I am not about to deny it.

I have to admit I am also super outcome focused that finishing a show gives me satisfaction and I am so guilty of having the tv on while working on my laptop and even blogging.

My advice. Do what you love. 

It’s that simple.



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