peaceI wrote about my word for the year earlier. Only I think I missed what I was actually trying to capture. Funny how words can evade.

Really what I was talking about was being content.

I struggle with being content. A line that always come back to me who knows from where is this

Bloom where you are planted.

It is about being where you are. That sentence sounds odd. Really it does. However in our day and age we can easily be somewhere and totally not be present.

I was out with a huge group of people, all hanging out and we all had our phones. So many of us had them out. We were with each other and yet we were not because we were not present.

I feel this because as a junior in college I am thinking about the next step. Thinking so much about it that I forget the stage I am in now. I know I did that as a high schooler thinking about a college. I thought so much about the future that I forgot to live in the present and I forgot to be content.

I am always thinking what do I want to do next, what do I need to do next? What is next on my to-do or fun list?

I forget to be content with who I am and where I am. Really this year is all about being content. At every single moment.

I googled content on whim #researchskills and was blown away by what it means.

Content; in a state of peaceful happiness.



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