Making the right choices

making rt.choices

When you get a second job and then spend the rest of the day working on homework and not even finishing all of it, you look to your to-do list and the next thing is the 7 things you need to do to apply for an internship.

Then you realize that maybe just maybe that is not the best decision for you right now.

Oh Decisions. How I hate thee.

It is true. I dislike decisions mostly because I never know which one to chose. I have major decision issues. So much so that I watch TV shows more than movies because it requires less decisions overall.

I had to look at my priorities. At my schedule of classes and the requirements of those classes. I have a ton of writing, reading and researching to do this semester. I realized that if I got the internship what I would really be taking away from is my academics.

A sacrifice that I am not willing to make. This semester, I have a renewed focus and energy for school. I know that to do well I have to put in the time and there is only a finite amount of time that can be given to academic pursuits. After said amount of time my brain liquefies.

I also know that I need to work on good habits and areas of my life.

I need to socialize more. (Shocking I know but believe it or not I am kind of a workaholic.)

I need to simplify which basically means keep things clean since studies show you do better with clean space. Therefore I am trying to tame the mess, so far so good and I can actually do homework in my bedroom, now that it no longer looks like a war zone.

I also know that I need to grow good habits with things like eating better which I have actually been really good at. Toward that aim when I decided to not apply for the extra internship I instead bought an mp3 player (because I am old school) for using when I run and work out.

I love music so honestly it is a huge motivator for me and I really need to focus on what is important and fitness is so I need to fit it into my life.

It’s about priorities. It is about choices. Most of all it is about habits. When you create a habit it sticks. I need to work on creating good habits, one at a time.

What are some of your good habits?





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