My crazy life

I am so freakishly busy right now!

True facts about my life right now.

I text people back then going to the bathroom. Like texting 7 people back because earlier I had no time. 

I paid my bills while going to the bathroom and another day wrote a blog post. 

I am trying to be efficient.

I have a serious love/hate relationship with event planning. I go back and forth between this is great and why?

I did not even get to write one email in one sitting. 

For some reason that made me feel like an adult. The fact that I have yet to finish that email probably means I am not.

I forgot how long term tired feels. I started waking up at 4 a.m recently. Distressed and disturbed sleep much?

The first time it happened I did my homework for an hour and then went back to sleep.

Then it kept happening and I was not amused! At all.


I have also realized that I have really vivid and real dreams. I actually have trouble distinguishing them from real life and during them I always want to text Karina (my friend) which says a lot about our friendship and how much I miss her given that I want to text her in my sleep!

It happens to be Holy Week as well and I am truthfully excited for Good Friday because that means I can actually get a decent night’s sleep. #sorryLord

I also tried to launch a new website yesterday for a project and just couldn’t.

I was absurdly proud of myself for pushing through and getting something difficult done a few days ago. It felt like a marathon and you know what I was accomplishing? Washing the dishes. Which made me think of my good freind Alexis. The other day she told me “I think my life is a mortification.” True words.

There writing break for my sanity done! Also I have proved to the internet that I do indeed have friends. I am gonna go ahead and call today a success now…


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