Simplicity in a world of more

I am constantly on a search for simplicity. In my apartment, in my life and in this world. Simplicity lets you focus on what you really care about. It makes life easier.

Today I want to talk about style and simplicity.

I was going through pintrest looking for things that are distinctly me.

When I found myself realizing that the fashion capital of the world really does have it right.

Paris style.

Simplicity. Effortlessly simple, almost over the top simple. Striped tee’s, crispy white button-ups, skinny jeans and flats. A simple black dress. Often a red lipstick thrown into the mix of simple.

This however is perfect. The simplicity lets the person be the main attraction. The clothes do not detract or call attention away from the person. Instead they promote the beauty, within that simplicity.

This really is the point of all simplicity; to focus on what is most important.

To that end I am, curating a small simple wardrobe so I can focus on what matters more.

What do you think?




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