About love

I think I know about a love. Only I don’t, not really. A lifetime of rom-coms, stories and Gilmore Girls does not teach you about love.

I look back at myself, 5 years ago, two years ago, last year and even last week. I thought I knew about love then. I thought I knew what love was, I thought I knew it all.

But I don’t know anything about love.

At least nothing compared to what I will learn.

I have yet to meet the love of my life. At least I am fairly certain of that but who knows, the love of your life could be the person you least expect.

What I don’t know about love could fill a book or two or three. I thought I knew a lot from my parents but the truth is I don’t.

I don’t know about love. Even if I pretend too. There is one thing that I want to tell my future self and that is this, what you don’t know about love is practically endless.

You will learn though. Let it take it’s time though. Do not try to rush it. Let it unfold before you.

It’s a love story. So let it be that; a story. Do not try to control it, just be open, live your life, love your life and let it unfold before you.

And remember you know nothing about love but you will learn.


Also a practical tip, rom-coms and romance books do not help quiet the desires of your heart. So maybe if you are struggling with that stop reading and watching them for a time. 


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