To be seen and heard

to be seen

The other day my professor was commenting on how we do not look each other in the eye. We have a lost art of eye contact.

I know this is true merely from walking around my college campus and my professor affirmed it. We walk around, with heads down, pretending to be on our phones.

Why? To avoid eye-contact, to avoid the other person.

I know sometimes this is necessary yet I also do observe how often I can walk between buildings and fail to see people or even to notice things because I am so immersed in my technology. (and the crazy part is that I have a dumb phone!)

I don’t know what it is; are we scared to interact? To put out that extra little bit of energy?

I don’t know but I do know this people desire to be seen and heard.

I work in customer service. People call with issues and I answer them. Most of the time I know exactly what their issues is and how to solve it within 15 seconds of the phone call.

Yet they want to tell me more. People want to tell you what happened, what went into it etc. They want to be heard and really understood.

I have a class where I am learning counseling techniques and one of the things we learn is how to give a reflective response. How to respond to someone and to show them that we understand. That we understand their experience.

I like to try out these reflective responses with my customers when I do I always get a positive response. It amazes me every time.

This I know. People desire to be seen and heard; and most of all they desire to be understood. Isn’t that what we all want to know that we are not alone in this?



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