Links & notes vol 3


Happy Weekend!

I keep wanting to practice and work on my visual and graphic design skills. Only it never seems to happen.. Maybe next time I need a study break I will do that instead of watching Netflix.. Perhaps.

Speaking of Netflix this girl gets me. I feel the same thing. My priorities do put netflix before God. It’s the truth. Despite that confession this girl’s writing is incredible! If you are not a fan you need to be.

When some people write it makes me feel like they know me. Somehow they get me.

I read this beautiful piece. Wow. One of the most poetic things I have ever read  and it is about kids and a puddle.

Heartbreakingly beautiful this post captures the struggle of anorexia and the power of a mother’s love.

Extroverted introvert I feel this, if it is even possible this is me. All the way. “The entirety of your being is a conundrum.”

Have you read any good things on the internet? Or better yet do you have some amazing plans this weekend?





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