real vulnerability

I have been working on vulnerability this year. It is one of the hardest and best things that I have ever done.

It has been this intensive growth process and it has been painful. However I have become more transparent about my life.

I think however that people do not even know what real vulnerability means.

Real vulnerability is not spillling your guts and your personal life all over the internet.

It is not posting facebook posts about the intimate and personal details of your life.

It is not even blogging about those same personal details.

Real vulnerability is sharing yourself with another person. Being open and honest, about everything your joys, struggles and even heartache. It is being real with other people.

real vulnerability

I am by no means a vulnerability expert. That is Brene Brown.The power of vulnerability (watch it!)

I have been practicing vulnerabilty in my daily life and it is so hard. Sometimes I wonder if it is worth it but I have been seeing the fruits in my life and they are incredible.

In this painful practice, I have discovered over and over again that I am not alone. My friends have approached me and been incredibly real, honest and vulnerable with me. They have let me in and have given me the opportunity to be there for them. If nothing else it enables me to let others know that they are never alone. That is part of the thing about vulnerability someone has to start. It is when you are open and honest that people will begin to be open and honest with you.

The power vulnerability and the importance of it is so important. Because we as humans are wired for connection (more brene brown). We are wired for it and in this world of constant connection (via facebook and texts) we are losing connection because we are letting go of vulnerability.

Do not be afraid to be vulnerable.

Just remember that true vulnerability is not a facebook post, that is over-sharing and TMI!


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