not writing


At the start of this wonderful new year I broke my right elbow. Falling off a hoverboard.

*for some reason everyone laughs when I tell this story, I tend to have hilarious accidents

I was traveling at the time and was actually in Texas when it happened. It was humbling to say the least to have your friend fill out all your medical history papers. As well as to call your Mom a day after leaving home and tell her that you already broke something.

For the first part of my trip I could not take photos, that was really sad.

I could also not write. As I tried typing I could not even do it. It was too painful. I could not journal either. That was the hardest part, I could not write.

I missed writing with all my being. I know that I love writing because of how desperately I missed it.

Now I can write again and this is not something, I take for granted. I am so grateful my arm has healed so I can write.

Now the hurt arm it is just an excuse not to lift heaving things and not having the ability to open jars.




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