I have spent a lot of time recently doing mundane tasks. Things like washing the dishes. I have to admit that I would rather write  than wash dishes any day.

Still I am trying to be less of a slob  much cleaner this semester. This means that I wash dishes and I wash dishes over and over again. It’s a daily chore that often occurs multiple times  a day. Then there is the rest of cleaning.

Not to mention the fact that within three minutes I trash my room  it needs to be tidied up.

It’s mundane over and over again. Every day.

The mundane can seem boring. It can feel boring. The repetitiveness. Yet in these moments, in the simple cleaning up, I am reminded that life is about the mundane.

Life is filled with mundane events and everyday moments. In the mundane however is found the beauty of life even as much as the mountain top moments.

It is in the mundane that I realize how grateful I am to be alive, day after day. It is then that I realize that life is good.

Mundane is good.

Now I have to go wash a sink full of dishes and i don’t want to because I would always rather write than clean.


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