Learning to say no

learning to say no

It took all the energy that was in me, to hit that little delete button. (There may have been a bit of exaggeration added.)

The email in question was full of sales and a secret discount code for even more money off even on clearance items; which usually sends me to a 2o minute visit to the website of said store.

Everyone has their downfall and mine happens to be Old Navy and Target. It is a good thing I never go into the actual Old Navy store but it seems that not a day goes by that they do not have an amazing sale.

I know their online clearance rack by heart. I peruse and actually do the math calculations over all the money I could save, while buying so many things!

When I wander into Target a similar thing happens. I find there an abundance of things that I really “need” that I did not even know about.

I could get some good deals which is part of the appeal to me. The other part of the appeal is all the stuff! Yet I know that I cannot buy  everything I want which can be hard and which (let’s be real) I often fail at.

It comes down to saying no to yourself. To not giving yourself every little thing you want. To not buying a small carton of ice-cream and spoons every time you got to Target so that you can eat it on the way home. To not stopping at Starbucks, even though you feel that their $5 latte is the only thing that can revive your crappy day.

I struggle with saying no to myself. This is part of the reason I used to drink 5 cups of coffee a day. I like coffee so I would drink it until I felt ill, because I like it.

Even though in those amounts it was not good for me. I have to learn to say no to myself. So I can learn discipline. So that I can save money but also so that when I do spend money it has more meaning. More meaning because I value it instead of just throwing it away on the 5 million things in the $1 aisle at Target.

I love Target, Old Navy and coffee. Not in the true sense of the word love but I do enjoy them, only discipline comes first.

I have to learn to say no. Won’t you join me?


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