it’s hard to study psychology

not as simple

We come into college with bright eyes and naive hearts, ready to take on the world. In my case I came in as a wildly optimistic, excited vegetarian runner. Today I am none of those things.

Of course my major of choice is psychology.

Studying psychology is hard but probably not only for the reasons you think.

When you spend a lot of time in classes talking about people’s issues or better yet discussing counseling. Things come up. Things in your life. Things in mine.

Studying it brings it to your awareness and at times that can be intensely uncomfortable.

You grow in self-knowledge but you might not like what you find deep down.

You confront your issues, right then and there. After a day of class sometimes the only response is to cry and never mind studying-work through all your baggage.

You not only confront the brokenness of others but your own as well.

Three years into college, and less naive you realize there are no quick fixes. You know that life is not as simple as you thought and maybe more than anything you hold onto hope.

You hold onto belief that healing does come. Not only for yourself but for your future clients and the people whose struggles you are learning about.

Studying psychology involves coming to terms with your own limitations, brokenness and issues and believing; choosing to believe that beauty can and will rise from the ashes.

As well as quiet possibly realizing that you need a little dose of comedy to keep going.



  1. It’s a touch area to study, but so fruitful! Keep at it, my love. Both for studying’s sake, for your degree, and for your health. You are not alone!


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