A day in the life


Yesterday I had a really long day.. I am writing about it because someday I am going to look back at that day and myself and laugh. Besides I love reading these when other people post them.

Because I thought that constituted a long day. Because I was so young and naive.. I don’t know but memory plays tricks on us and I want to remember that I can handle the really long days that happen 2x a week..

I want to remember my life as it is and be grateful for it.

7:30 a.m wake-up and start drinking water and ginger ale because I was puking the night before.

Look out the window and realize it is snowing which is really exciting because I love snow and it is beautiful! This makes me happy.

Then I get dressed/do makeup/eat yogurt and leave for the day all in very short order.

8:00 theology class-I briefly considered putting my notes from there on this but no..It was a good class. I sipped ginger ale and felt okay=success.

9:15 Grab coffee. It’s Starbucks iced because I can no longer handle campus coffee. I am a junior in college and I cannot handle that crap anymore! (end rant) Plus despite the icky-ish stomach I need my caffeine.

9:30 Advanced Counseling class. I love this class, my teacher and the people in it. Seriously so much love for this class. Plus  I am drinking coffee so these moments are happy. Wait did I say happy? I meant glorious.

10:45 Between classes  I use the bathroom.

11:00 Abnormal psychology. I love this class as well but slightly less. Only now I am at that point in my career where I know a lot of the answers merely from previous classes. Which means I actually remember things so that is exciting!  I know stuff! (So not grown up and college-y.)

12:15 Dash to my apartment. Eat rice for lunch.

12:30 ish Dash back. Go on laptop read a few blogs before class starts at

12:45 Group dynamics class and we have a test the next time we meet. There is a little bit of fear and my teacher can see it in my eyes.. She is fantastic.. lol She just looks at me and says “If you know all the answers to the study guide you will be fine.” She also thinks I look nervous about starting group personal development counseling with half my class. She is right though I wish my face were less expressive.

2:00 Work. File things. Do a few projects. Talk to people on the phone. Convince co-worker to make coffee. Try to study. Go on pintrest for a few. Shred a lot of things. Read a couple of blog posts. (I have a problem.)

4:30 Done with work which is really nice. I start making dinner. Aka taking ground beef, mixing it with water and taco seasoning for a several minutes before adding it to rice and eating that.

5:00 Call my mother. I know if I don’t call her then it will be like another week before I get to it and by another week I mean 2 to 3 days.

5:30 Get off the phone with Mom and realize this is the time I need to be at work.. Whoops! Run to work. (It’s close.) Arrive as they are praying the rosary. (I love working at a catholic institution!)

I was not really late. This job however I call people and ask for money and it is a slow night. No one picks up the phone! I am new to this job so I don’t know a ton of people yet. I use my markers to color in my coloring book. (wow I sound like  I am in kindergarten.

We have a break and they eat pizza but I am gluten free so I just drink soda..

Keep calling. Get some not so friendly people..

9:30 Done work. Praise the Lord!

9:45 ish Arrive home. Lay on my bed and talk to my roommate. Since I do not want to do anything. Decide on Lenten things to do.

Get my life together. JK.

Start studying my class notes for group dynamics exam. Drink some wine because I am giving up alcohol for lent.

10:30 Finish getting ready for bed. Read notes in bed. Read a little bit of Man’s search for meaning.  

Think about just how much I love sleep.

A typical day in my not so typical college life.

Do you have any really long days?


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