When you can and when you can’t

when you can and when you can't

I am part of an organization and we have small committees that handle many things throughout the semester.

When we had the night of sign-ups. I signed up for no less than four, some of these are big time commitments and others are small.

It seems crazy that I did that. I do have a busy semester. Only I know one thing this semester.

I am not drowning. 

It is that simple. I have had times when I felt like I was drowning, when on top of everything else you have to do another commitment is insane.

I have had seasons in my where for one reason or another, adding one more thing to the mix was utterly crazy. Yet now I am not in that season of my life and I want to help someone else who is. So yeah it is crazy to take on that many things but if it is going to help a sister out then I am all about that life.

Of course mid-semester my life will be really busy and I may not have time to write but I am in college for a reason. 🙂 So I might as well soak it up. 


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