Corpus Christi, TX


After we left King Ranch we decided that Corpus Christi TX was not that far away.. Like an hour, I think.

There is not a ton of things to do in Kingsville so after going to the Saddle Shop and drugstore we left and drove towards the beach. I love, love, love the beach so basically this was about a friend making my life dreams happen.

Thus we drove to Corpus Christi TX, a place that I have long heard about and long wanted to go to! (My Dad used to live there.)

We got there and to my absolute delight, THE LEXINGTON IS THERE!!  I happen to have an absurd love for aircraft carriers. We used to leave on the bay and we would watch them leave for deployments as well as come home. I spent a day on an aircraft carrier as well.That day I heard the sound barrier broken out at sea, I learned that you should never eat cheesecake when you have an upset stomach. I also left understanding a little more about how our military lives and what great sacrifices they make. All that to say I love aircraft carriers and seeing one made me very happy.


We then did the drive through at whataburger for lunch.  Then we proceeded to found a spot on the beach and have a fight with the seagulls. The seagulls were really aggressive which was kind of hilarious. I compensated by photographing them. I also dipped my hands in the water. There is something so calm and soothing about the water. I love to be near it.



Then we got back in the car to drive back. There is a possibility I napped on the way back..We stopped at chick-fil A and Target on the way back. I needed to buy a gift and I needed some dinner. Then we bought a bottle of wine. Went home drank some of said wine and watched half a movie. I think the movie was The Holiday, then we went to bed really early because it was a long day.



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