King Ranch

king ranch

This might be my favorite day of all. Regardless so many great memories were made.

We woke up at 7 a.m and headed out the door by 7:30. Girls on a mission. We stopped by a gas station for breakfast. I think I had a protein bar, candy and coffee.

We kept driving for a long time. The land changed a lot. It was flat and barren with a few ranches scattered here and there.

We arrived in Kingsville around 10:30 and then made our way onto the actual ranch.

We went to the visitors center and signed up for the 11 o’clock tour. I think it  cost eight or ten dollars if I remember correctly.

The tour was on  a bus that takes you around the ranch. Our tour guide was literally hilarious and I loved her. She grew up on the ranch and in addition to telling us about the ranch she shared some stories about her life.


These cattle were bred on the ranch and are called Santa Gertrudis. Only the H is not pronounced and I may not have spelled it correctly..Basically the name is St. Gertrude.IMG_6412IMG_6415IMG_6416IMG_6427

There used to be livestock shows and sales here but no more. However you can come go to the development and sales office and buy some cattle if you like. If I become a rancher (lol never) but I think buying some would be really cool. IMG_6436IMG_6444

Weaver’s cottage. They used to weave their own blankets.



The Carriage house for Mrs. King.


Family home.IMG_6466IMG_6469IMG_6471IMG_6473IMG_6474

If you are into ranches I would totally go. I think the King’s ranch is well worth a tour. King Ranch is huge. It is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. It is totally family owned and will always be that way.

Without giving away all the facts, this multi million dollar business was not solely built by King. He bought the land and started it but he actually died deep in debt, as a failure. However one of Mr. King’s daughter’s married his lawyer and it was this man who made the ranch the success it is today. Also fun fact, the other King siblings all gave their land and assets over to this younger sister. It was only through her and her husband that the ranch became a real success and the thriving operation that it is today.

The tour was about an hour and a half.. and this post is long enough. So I will continue this day later.



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