San Antonio Missions take 3


The last mission Concepcion.


Outside there was a little Marian grotto. IMG_6349

Love this image!IMG_6351IMG_6354IMG_6356

Each mission is different especially different in what they each emphasize. This one had beautiful gardens and a lot of history about the missions.

This mission is right by an orphanage which I also thought was really cool. Although the mission is so surrounded by city it is hard to see the exactly what used to be a part of this mission compound. All of the missions are still used for Mass. Were I to go back I would definitely try to attend Mass at one of them.

We stopped for more tacos and tea. While driving home we met a homeless man who asked for a taco. (These Texans and their tacos!) We had him meet us at the closest taco place which was on the other side of the intersection, where my friend bought him a taco because she is incredible as well as awesome.

Then we headed back downtown to go to El Mercado. There were only two or three stores open so we looked around a little bit. El mercado is from the looks of it very touristy and kind of cheap produces. Still it was fun to look around.

Then we came home, we must have had dinner at some point.. We both love old movies so we watched Three Coins in a Fountain on netflix. I really enjoyed it and I have on previous travels thrown a coin into the fountain of Trevi so one of these days I will be going back.

Then I collapsed in utter exhaustion.


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