Texas ,Tacos & the Alamo


We started out the day with tacos. Note to the world, all good days should start with tacos. Actually taco’s and sweet tea because this semi-southern girl has to live.

We needed to drop some things off so we kinda ran around to several places. We also went to Church to do art and environment. Which basically meant taking down the Christmas items and re-decorating for ordinary time.

With one arm in a sling I was not much help but it was fun.

Then we went out to lunch at Magnolia Pancake Haus with a friend we picked up. The food was good and I really liked our waitress. She was so nice!

Then we drove downtown to San Fernando cathedral! (Cue all the joy/excitement!) It is very historic and an often forgotten fact is that it was one of the original missions around San Antonio. In front of the Church is a piazza that totally reminded me of Europe and it had just an awesome feel.


They have a door of mercy there. Door of mercy.


We did a little wandering around, walking on the river walk.

Then we went to the Alamo! Words cannot describe my excitement/love over the Alamo.

As a kid growing up I read books about the Alamo and the missions around San Antonio. I was enthralled with it all. I had this mental image in my mind about how the missions looked. A vision that included the missions being surrounded by desert. Thus it was really funny to see the missions and realize that the city had grown up all around them. This was especially prevalent with the Alamo because it is at the heart of downtown San Antonio.


I have always loved history as well, especially the history of Texas. Therefore the Alamo has tons of meaning for me. I walked in (it is free) and just literally bawled my way through. It is just incredible the sacrifice that was made there. It means a lot to me. The Alamo is such a symbol of independence, something my independent spirit loves.


It was also a gorgeous day outside which made the experience all the better. I would totally go back to the Alamo anyday. It just has so much meaning for me. There is also a library for research there that I would love to spend a day inside.

Then we went to my friend’s grandparents house. They were fantastic. They told us so many stories which I loved. It was really fun.

Then they sent us off with money for dinner at Perico’s. (So generous!) We had margarita’s (my new favorite). As well as some delicious burritos.

All in all a wonderful day in Texas. Also no doubt this was one of my favorite days because we went to the Alamo!


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