Sunday San Marcus (TX day 4)

Sunday, San Marcos!

We started out by going to 8:00 mass at the local parish.

Then we headed to Bill Millers which is a local taco chain with incredible iced tea. We went in and got tacos. Which are apparently an essential staple of life there in Texas.

Then we dashed home because (girls), some of us forgot a few things and we changed into school spirit t-shirts. Only on me you could not even tell because the sling covered it up.

We drove to San Marcos stopping to go shopping at the mall. My friend got many items she needed while I merely provided input. We also stopped at Bucee’s. Which is apparently a Texas thing and is more like small grocery store with clothing and souvenirs than a gas station. Besides it is literally huge!

Then we headed on to Texas State, in San Marcos for a cheer competition.

It was really cool. I have never been to a cheer competition and it was really fun watching the girls. There was some free time and waiting around however and I amused myself by taking photos.

Best part of it all? The family I was staying with is literally the The extended family came for the cheer competiton and then we all went to dinner afterwards.

At a place called Griene’s. It was so fun and hilarious. My friend’s Mom had to cut my food so I could eat it. #humility

It was fantastic and so good to see how over families interact with each other.

On the way home we stopped in the small town of Greune (what is it with all the weird spellings of green right?) Greune is a really cool town. We did not have much time so we popped into the general store and went wine tasting. Which is by far the best part of becoming an adult.

Also ending the day with wine tasting might just be the perfect end to any day in my book.



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