Coffee fest and a market! Day 3

Coffee Fest and Farmer's market!

I love coffee. We all know this.. or you should that is just important to know. 

Saturday morning I woke up, got dressed and had a cup of coffee. The usual…

Then we headed to downtown San Antonio and the Pearl Brewery. Apparently right by the Pearl Brewery there is a Farmer’s market every Saturday morning.

We stopped for some gluten free crepes, that were absolutely delicious! We sat and ate them in like piazza. There was live music, with families, couples and lots of dogs. It was literally adorable and I could have stayed there forever. It was such a friendly place! I wish I lived there so I could go ever Saturday.

Then we headed further downtown to La Villitta (the little village) for a coffee fest. The place was teaming with people. La Villitta is very historic and quaint. Things tend to be more expensive there but it is a gorgeous place and a definite must be.

In another piazza, they were having a coffee fest. The way it worked was you bought tickets for a certain number of tastes, you got a small cup for said tastes as well. There were tons of coffee vendors. The only problem was that the place was absolutely packed. We waited in line for like 20 minutes for one small cup of delicious coffee.

After that we abandoned the coffee fest to just tour La Villitta. The coffee fest was fun but two crowded and not set up very well and besides I just wanted to see everything so that is what we did.

We then took a walk through the old German part of town. It was so pretty, it was on our way from La Villitta to the tower of the America’s. When we got there, a classics car show was going on. We looked around at the cars and the fountains for a bit. We almost went up in the tower but we needed to get back.




Tourist note: Apparently you are can go up in the tower of the America’s for free if you tell them you are getting a drink at the bar on top. Honestly just getting a drink on top while looking out over the city sounds amazing. If we had more time I would have done it for sure.

Then we went back to relax (I was so tired) and watch my favorite movie.. Do not judge but it happens to be Princess Diaries 2. 

Then we just relaxed for awhile. I may have even napped. I honestly do not remember. Then we took my friend’s younger sister and went to Bahama Bucks a snow-cone chain. Wow. It was the best snow cone I have ever had and typically I am not really a fan but it was definitely a place I would go back too.

Then we went to her sister’s best friends house to pick her up. We waited around there for 30 minutes because said friend was not ready on time.

We dropped the girls at the movies and went to the Alamo Drafthouse to see  Sisters. I like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler so I wanted to see how it was. It was really funny and slightly inappropriate just as I imagined it would be. Although I did enjoy it.

I got an Amaretto milkshake for dinner during the movie.It was so fun. Just another awesome day in Texas! 


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