hill country Texas (day two)

Hill CountryTexas day 2!

On Friday we woke up sort of late. As soon as I got up I knew that something was seriously wrong with my arm. It hurt way more and I could barely move it. Still I was convinced it had to be a sprain.

I had no clue what to do so I called me Mom. She was obviously thrilled to hear about my accident.. (sorry Mom!).

I explained it all and asked what do you do for a sprain? My Mom is a nurse which is super handy. All she said was “How do you know it’s not broken..” Well I didn’t know that at all.

I threw on a top that could easily be taken off and we left to go to Las Palapas for breakfast. It was super good and I discovered that I do in fact love breakfast tacos.

Then we headed to Texas medclinic. My friend needs a medal because she had to fill out all the paperwork for me. They were super nice and did a great job. They took an X-ray and diagnosed me with a radial fracture. They gave me a sling said to ice it, take ibuprofen and that was it.

This is where I will admit to being an awful blogger because I could not take photos until my arm felt a lot better!  I also could not type it all has it happened. 

We then headed to la cintura, which is a beautiful outdoor shopping mall. It was gorgeous. We had to walk like the entire length of it however because I needed more coffee and Starbucks was far away. We window shopped which was nice but I was so tired. It was sunny and gorgeous out too.

Then we decided to head out to Fredericksburg, Texas like an hour and a half-away. I was given direct orders to sleep and I fell asleep listening to country music which just about equals perfection to me.

Then we arrived in Fredericksburg where my friend drove around until I woke up. (She is awesome!)  When I woke up we walked around town. It is an old German town and it s so cute and quaint. We then went to burger-burger for a fantastic outdoor meal. I had a burger and made a mess on my sling. (one hand issues)

Then we explored some more and hit the road. This time with me awake so I could see the country. Apparently it’s called the hill country. It was gorgeous! We passed so many ranches. I was in Heaven!!! I think I fell in love. I decided I want a ranch and I love Texas.

We arrived back and had a quick bite to eat. I then went to take a “nap” but ended up really just going to bed at 8 p.m. I think the fractured arm played a part in my exhaustion.


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