Leaving on a jet plane

It’s travel week. Actually it’s february which I consider to the one of the worst months ever.. So I figured I might as well brighten things up with my recent Texas trip recap. I went in mid january and the weather was perfect. 

Like any normal kid with an insane itch for travel I look up flights to places I want to go on a normal basis.

While doing this I found a flight for  $120 to San Antonio, Texas. The place of my birth. [ok that sounds weird.]

Also the place where one of my bff’s lives. I checked with said bff. Who happens to be the best and tells me on a regular basis  mi casa es su casa.

I might not be any good at spanish but I know what that means.

In short order I booked a flight for the end of Christmas break with the plan to just drive back to school with steph.

Which brings me to a fun 3 a.m wakeup and a wonderful story.

The only thing I did wrong in planning this trip was timing. I chose a 6 a.m flight.

Then discovered that with time to get there etc, I needed to leave at 3:30 a.m. Mostly because I have a fear of not checking luggage on time. [Because of a bad experience, that turned into an awesome adventure story.]

Which meant I needed to wake up at 3. Although on break I had been going to bed at midnight. I did manage to be in bed by 11 on the night of my early flight.

Morning-Got up and dressed. All in wonderful timing. Out the door with my Mom (who rocks) by 3:30.

We made it in great time, with zero traffic so I guess that was a plus. I was there by 4:15 and waited in line. Some people in line wanted to talk but 4:30 IN THE MORNING!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

I am nice in real life so I nodded and said a few things to sound lucid.

I was on the flight by 5:30. Luggage checked and ready to go. It was the kind of seating where you chose your own seat instead of them being assigned. I had an entire row to myself which was nice.

I mostly looked out over the sky and thought about what it must be like to be a cliche.

I think I must have slept because we arrived at Chicago midway soon after. Times after this are super fuzzy because of time change stuff. I think I was in the airport for like 3 hours however. During which time  I went on my laptop. Tried to start writing a story and drank coffee. I also read a book.

Then we loaded up the plane and I was thrilled to be seated next to a woman who knew no english whatsoever! It felt very authentic.

I read a book on my tablet during this flight.

Then we arrived early to a beautiful sunny day in Texas. People were wearing shorts and I was thrilled!

Steph grabbed me and we headed to Whataburger for some (real) food.

Then we went to Guadalupe radio station to run an errand. Then we stopped by to see Abuelita. After that we headed to Local Coffee because I was so tired. Local coffee is super hipster. Strong coffee and it tastes amazing. Definitely woke me up as well!

Then we headed over to the Japanese Tea Gardens.

Then we went to the Quarry to go shopping. It was a really nice set-up and so much beautiful sun!

Then we headed back to my friend’s house after going to the grocery store to stock up on some basics. My ears did not pop until after this from the airplane! So I felt all weird and muffled for a long time.

Then we headed back the house to chill for a little bit. Then I tried out the hoverboard for the first time. It was great until I tried to get off… Then it did not go so well and I fell hard on the right side of my body. My right arm took it bad but I could still move it. Still it hurt a lot.

I got ready to go dancing which was a bit precarious. I then quickly discovered that I could not even lift my arm to put my hair in a ponytail.

We met up with a bunch of friends and headed out to a dance place. That is the best way  I know how to explain it. A bar with dancing. I danced a little bit, had a drink and mostly watched because of my arm.

We stayed until like 11 p.m and I was so tired. Waking up at 3.a.m will do that to you. We then headed to IHOP where I practiced being a lefty with my food.

We headed home and I crashed hard and fast.

Leaving on a jet plane!


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