I am a perfectionist by nature. I am always striving to do and be the best. Sometimes however I feel defined by my level or lack of perfection.

As a fighter by nature I tend to question things. One of these things I questioned as a child was a particular line in the Bible.

Be perfect, therefore as your Heavenly Father is perfect.   Matthew 5:48

Look at that, a biblically sanctioned drive for perfection. The issue lies in that perfection is impossible for us humans.

Yet as I thought about it I realized that only God can be perfect. If you or I were perfect, we would be God. It goes back to Aquinas’s proofs for the existence of God.

Thus it follows that perfection is simply not attainable for humans.

You cannot be perfect.

Yet the Bible verse is not wrong. God is perfect insofar as his nature allows and he is by nature perfection. Thus he posses the fullness of perfection.

So we can be perfect insofar as our own nature allows. We are meant to be fully ourselves, a perfection that falls short of the splendor of God but that nonetheless can only be attained by one person. You.

Only I can be perfectly me. Only you can be perfectly yourself.

In reality then what that verse means is just being the person that you have been called to be.

That is merely about being you.

Be who you are.

The good news is that has nothing to do with what you do and everything to do with who you are.

So as cheesy as it is just Be Yourself!

Be who you are.



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