tough purpose

This past year I had a job that pushed me like no other. One where I felt stretched to my limits but a job that was so much more than a job. A place where I felt that I would make a differance. I poured myself into this job. Body, heart and soul.

I worked long hours at a job that I loved and sometimes hated because it was harder than anything else that I had ever done.

When I was home I felt that I had nothing left and I mean nothing. Sometimes all I would do was sit on my bed and cry. Out of exhaustion, out of how hard it had all been, out of all of it.

Eventually, I quit that job. Knowing it was the right thing to do. That I needed to take a break for me. That I needed time to do other things.

Yet I miss that job because at hard as it was my job had been fraught with purpose.

Purpose is a powerful thing. Having purpose sheds meaning on our lives.

Sometimes it is the things that are the hardest that we are meant to do. Often we can do them only for a time and one of the hardest things you will ever do is learn to walk away.From a job you both love, and hate.

Doing hard things is growing up. Doing hard things is worth it. I firmly believe that, they are worth it for the growth that occurs. Growing as a person and evolving; that matters. Being stretched matters.

So when something is incredibly hard ask yourself is it good? Is it a growing experience? Is it fraught with purpose?

Purpose is a powerful thing. Having purpose in life. Meaning.



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